Domains and NFTs

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Wout! It’s been a long long time and quite a wild ride since my last post. I hope everyone is doing well and healthy!

Since this is quite a catch up post, I’d like to state what’s been happening for a while. I’ll do a deep dive to some of the things I’m about to write.

First things first. Non Fungible Tokens, aka NFTs! It’s been HELL of a ride for lots of people and especially, lots of friends from domain business. Lots of success stories, lots of lessons, lots of stories to tell! I was lucky to get in at the end of June and that’s one of the things I’ll write about later. Here is a few jpegs from my digital collection:

As far as I remember, 2021 summer, especially July and August was one of the slowest summers I’ve ever seen. There were great deals made by us, other brokers and marketplaces but that doesn’t change anything. One of the slowest summers ever!

Domain and price-wise, we’ve made one of the cheapest acquisitions last year (Around October) and that acquisition is about to pop off. Once it’s 100% live, I’ll write about the domain and the price (or the range). I’m sure you’ll all be surprised!

At, we’ve changed our design, added “sell domain” service and we’re mostly working on internal stuff at moment to increase the web-site performance. On the other side, we’re always asking ourselves: “What we can do better?” to improve ourselves and find out new service for our clients. If you have something in your mind, don’t stop, let me know!

One of the struggles I’ve been having lately is to get in touch with the domain owners. To be straightly honest, whois privacy and most importantly GDPR stuff is NOT good for our business. Why people are having such a hard time to find out the owners of a domain name. Also, personally, I’m having hard time to get a response from the domain owners. If the domain is not for sale, it’s okay. This shouldn’t be hard to say, is it? At, we have LOTS of buyers ready to spend money but the domain owners do not even want to take a look. Additionally, no one knows if the owners saw our e-mails. It doesn’t have to be like this and it shouldn’t. This business desperately needs more clarity and data to be shared. I’ll write about this later.

A personal note: During my absence, I had a tummy tuck operation. Most of people don’t know I lost 50 kilograms (110 pounds) during my university education with a dietician. So, that tummy tuck was kind of a must “according to me” but I didn’t have the guts to do that until this year, I’ve done it. 4,5 hours of operation and a few days with pain, all gone now and feeling much better! Here is my before and after (Should be better after a straight year from the operation):

So, that’s all at the moment. I’ll be attending to NamesCon, ready to catch up with the market and some of the old friends!

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