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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while I haven’t done a blog post. Life and business is super busy and a lot have happened and a lot have been happening.

First things first; I’m very sad to see what has been happening in Ukraine. War (or invasion) is not good, it’s never been and it will never be. I hope things will settle down really soon. My hopes are prayers are with the Ukranian people.

Second, I’m going to be a father! Boom! Due is the middle of September and I can’t wait to see my daughter. Yes, it’s a girl! I’m pretty excited to feel the feeling of being a parent. Lot to learn, feel and, experience. I’m ready for all!

On the other side, summer has arrived and we planted some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers. We have a cherry and an apple tree so, alongside the holidays, the summer should be fun.

2021 was one of the remarkable year for domain market. There’re lots of seven-figure sales, tons of 6-figure sales happened. I’m sure there were 8-figure sales happened as well but NDAs keep hiding those from us. The market started well in 2022. However, May was a bit quiet and I believe the market will get colder for some time. Reasons? Well, wars, inflation, interest rates and so on. I believe this summer and autumn will be a bit quiet. Winter? I’m not sure yet, we’ll see (These are my thoughts and observations and NOT financial advice).

In the developing countries, like Turkey, people feel the inflation way more than the developed countries like UK, Germany, USA, etc. Therefore, businesses suffer way too much as well as the domain business. People and companies trying to protect what they have instead of investment. Actually, these are good times to invest domains, real estate, maybe even NFTs etc. but only if you have cash to sustain and survive.

Secret Brokerage has been doing pretty good. In fact, we had a permission to publish some deals we brokered for our clients. You can see the announced deals in our Twitter. There’re some steal deals we brokered such as

We’re working with all size of companies. From startups to corporates, and of course, also with individuals. Our motivation is to make our clients happy and that means, help them to acquire the desired domains for the lowest price possible, and of course, with total secrecy.

We also have a Domain Appraisal service and I believe we do the most extensive domain appraisals in the market at the moment. Unlike the other automated tools, our service is 100% real human output.

That’s all I have at the moment guys. Until the next one, take care of yourselves!

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