Brokered once.. Brokered twice.. And brokered thrice!

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Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day. It’s been a while since my last blog post. The 4th quarter of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 has been quite busy for me. We’ve closed lots of deals, we’re working on the new design and surprise tool on and on the other side, lots of things happened on networking and of course, there was NamesCon.

If you have a few minutes to see how we’ve finished our first year at Secret Brokerage, click here. Don’t forget to come back as I have an interesting brokerage news :)Two, actually. The first one is a bit old and not the rarest but the second one is quite fresh and rare!

The first one is a bit old and happened in 2017. We’re the seller of at that time and it was sold to an end-user for 20,000.00 USD. After a few months, I was luck to resell it to another end user for 117,500.00 USD. The first sale wasn’t reported as it was payment plan but the second sale was reported right after completion here is link. Brokered once and then brokered twice in 2 months.

The second one is a confidential deal so, unfortunately, I’m not able to disclose the domain name. It’s a solid 2-word exact match, service, .com domain name.

Brokered once.. I sold the domain name for 30,000.00 USD, 5 years ago.

Brokered twice.. The domain sold again for 60,000.00 USD, 4 years ago.

Aaand, brokered thrice.. I was able to acquire the domain for 6,700.00 USD on behalf of our client in

Exact same domain, 3 transactions, 96,700.00 USD volume in total.

Yes, number of good domains are declining day by day but opportunities are still here for the buyers and the sellers all the time.

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