About me

My name is Arif Sengoren.

I’m a Domain Broker for a decade. My story started at 2010. I worked for NoktaDomains for 5 years and Uniregistry for 4 years as a Domain Specialist and Domain Broker. I’m now founder of SecretBrokerage.com and we have have clients from United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey and United States. At Secret Brokerage, we provide professional domain buyer brokerage, domain appraisal, domain portfolio management, and online brand protection services for select clients.

Domain business is evolving day by day and that why I love it. You can never stop! As a broker, I closed almost 8-figure sales in total. As a specialist, I managed a huge domain portfolio everything included (Buying, selling, registering, monetizing, deleting, etc.). 

On the other side, I love traveling and e-sports. I traveled more than 20 countries. Experiencing different cultures, tasting different foods and meeting people from all around the world is priceless to me. My favorite video game is Dota2 and I’m a huge fan of Team Secret.

I intend to share my experiences, false facts, recent news from the market and some esports news in English and Turkish.

You can get in touch with me from the link below or send me an e-mail to contact@arifsengoren.com

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