GoDaddy and Dan To Start Sales Data: What Does That Mean For Domain Business?


It’s one of the rare moments that we heard the good news in 2020. Both Dan and GoDaddy announced that they will publish some of their aftermarket domain sales in the upcoming days.

That’s a pretty good news for the domain industry as we’re complaining lack of data and complaining about it for a while. These are two big players in the market and they sell hundreds of domains every single day. That means we should be getting thousands of published sales in month. So, what does that mean for domain business?

It’s going to help other domain sales as sometimes people are having hard times to price their domain names.

It’s going to help people price their domains more accurate.

It should increase the competition between the marketplaces and help people to choose platforms to list their domains.

It’s going to help investors to adjust their budget on domain acquisitions.

More domain sales will be reported so it’s going to help the domain community to see the annual size of aftermarket domain sales volume.

Most importantly, it’s going to bring some more transparency to the market and that’s something we need in order to express ourselves and our business to other people and businesses.

Stay safe and healthy!

3 comments on “GoDaddy and Dan To Start Sales Data: What Does That Mean For Domain Business?”

  1. Very wells said!
    It would be nice if Afternic was going to report all .com sales over 2K amount and over $1K amount for other extensions similar to what DnJournal does. That would give immense data to study and learn from it. But sharing only top 20 sales of every month is just a fraction of what Afternic sells every month.


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