Thoughts on 2020 and Recent Whois Policy Changes


It’s only been 6 months and 2020 is one of the those years we’ve never forgotten. COVID-19 has been being very effective on every single people’s life in the world. Businesses, lifestyles, habbits; they all changed or about to change only in 6 months!

My own change started in the middle of 2019. After parting ways with Uniregistry, I took the summer-time off to rest and think about what to do in the future. After lots of deliberation and 9-years, I decided to work on my own and started working as a private broker for about 6-7 months. I worked with a few companies for their domain acquisitions. Around September 2019, I decided to form a company started thinking about what services I should focus. We all know that there are lots of companies mainly focussed on selling but domain business is more than that. There’re people/companies who would like to buy domains, appraise domains and manage their domain portfolio to maximize their profits and minimize their workload. There’s also parking, marketing, backorder, registry/registrar, etc. sides as well.

In the end of this observation and consideration period, came out with domain acquistion, domain appraisal and portfolio management services. You can see more details at and read cover story.

On the other side, just a few days ago, I and my lovely “new” wife got married and got into new, exciting phase of life. Another milestone for us that happened in 2020.

I also would like to state my thoughts on the new whois results, especially for the domains that are registered with GoDaddy. As we know, GoDaddy is one of the biggest players in the domain industry and the largest registrar in the world.

However, I’m having hard time to understand their new whois results as it’s hurting the industry, especially it’s killing to competition. I understand that some domains are NOT for sale in any condition and some registrants do not want to be contacted 100 times/day with crappy offers/emails. I respect everyones privacy, however, hiding the whois details has to be the registrants’ decision, not anyone else. If the domain name you like registered in GoDaddy and not listed for sale in marketplaces. The only option you have is to pay 69 USD to GoDaddy Brokerage, and wait for them to get in touch with the owner. That’s not fair at all. We like comparing domain business with real estate and in real estate, you have the right to find out/get in touch with the owner of the property unless the owner gives selling etc. rights to a broker/agency.

I hope this meaningless whois results will change soon.

3 comments on “Thoughts on 2020 and Recent Whois Policy Changes”

  1. Congratulations, Arif! You two look great in that wedding photo. I’m so happy for you, and looking forward to having you back on the social this Friday! πŸ™‚

    I wanted to point out and ask if you’ve used…at the very bottom of the GoDaddy whois record is a link to “Contact Domain Holder”. When you click that link, it opens a contact form. On the form, you specify your email address, whether you want to contact the Registrant, Technical, or Admin in the whois, and the reason for contact. Then they confirm, “We’ll forward your request to the Registrant contact. Please note it is the decision of the Registrant whether to respond to your request.”

    The email with subject “Someone Asked About Your Domain.” showed up almost immediately in my inbox from GoDaddy with a reply-to address of the person’s email address.

    Give it a try. I think you’ll be pleased. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and wishes, Michael πŸ™‚ Yes, there’s that link that I didn’t mention, you’re right. But it seems like it doesn’t work properly:

      “We’re having some issues completing your request. Please try submitting it again.”

      It’s better than nothing though.


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