Get Ready For .COM.TR & .TR

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I’ve been working on Secret Brokerage lately. We’re redesigning some pages, adding new services on Portfolio Management, dealing some acquisitions and our corporate clients’ work so it’s been a while I couldn’t write a new post. I hope everyone is healthy and well.

While we’re all busy on something, there’re exciting things happening in Turkey. Registering domain has been quite difficult, for now. It’s about to change, probably in the end of the 3rd quarter of this year. Registry of .TR (New name is TRABIS) has been working on this it has come to an end. Exact terms are not there yet. However, one thing is certain. Registering domains with extension will be way more easier than it is now. No documents will be needed. Just type-in, if it’s available, register it from any authorized registrar.

This is going to open a brand new page for Turkish and possibly for all domain investors and registrars arounds the world. Turkish market is hungry for domain investors, and end users are hungry for education about the advantages of having premium domains. There’s more! apart from, .tr extension will come to the market in the short future as well. However, Turkish Nationality and/or having a company in Turkey will probably be a must for that one. There’re no published conditions yet for neither not .tr.

The whole process is probably going to be mixed version of .UK and new gTLDs release. There will be auctions, land rush periods, early registrations and some priorities for trademark owners. How do I know all of these? That’s because, I’m the one who made the job (research, reporting and recommendations).

I’ll make sure to write another blog posts when we know more about exact dates, conditions etc.

Have a great day!

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