Price Change Based On Who The Buyer Is: I believe It's Unfair!

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Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you’re staying at your homes! I’d like to say a few things before I talk business.

The most crucial and the easiest thing we can do is staying at our homes. So, please stay at your homes and keep doing that until your government and/or WHO (World Health Organization) tells the opposite. If you’re in domain business or your job doesn’t require to be out, then, you do not have a single excuse to go out. A lot of countries are trying to compensate employers and employees losses as well. Therefore, follow the instructions from your government until the second notice. PLEASE!

Now, get back to business. As you probably know, I’ve been exclusively working with the buyers for a while. Therefore, I’ve been getting in touch with lots of sellers. Famous names from the industry, companies, people who registers a few domains for hobby, people who claim they are domainers but have no idea about domains and price, people who have no idea about domains and many more. I’ve been experiencing something that bothered, bothering and will bother me a lot.

Some sellers price their domains based on who the potential buyer is. I don’t think that’s fair and this is one of things that hurt the domain market and its credibility. Buyers are not stupid and they send inquiries from different e-mail addresses, different marketplaces and even through a few brokers sometimes. When I have 2, 3 different quotes for the exact same domain, I and my client feel highly disrespected. Yes, there are lots of premium domains that can change the faith of projects, businesses out there. However, when we see different quotes for the exact same domain, that becomes a trust issue and we usually start looking for alternatives or being very cautious to the owners and offer far less than our budget. Now, nobody wins. Let’s imagine you’re looking for a house and see 3 different quotes for the exact same house. What would you think? What would you do?

Moreover, this is quite a thing for almost every single domain, not only for very premium domains. As domain people and domain industry, we’ve been having hard time to explain the advantages of the premium domains for a long time, actually, since the beginning. I don’t think this kind of behavior from various of sellers doesn’t help our cause and the industry at all.

What do you think about this? Am I being brutal or do those sellers need to reconsider their pricing “strategies”?

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