What’s Up And What’s Down?

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I’m quite busy these days and that’s the reason for my absence from my blog posts. I’ve been working hard to finish my project about domain brokerage and I’ve been working on deals a lot these days.

Here is my last 3 months breakdown:

  • Brokered 18 domains (All Buyer Brokerage)
  • The total asking price was over 1.2M USD.
  • I purchased them behalf of my clients for close to 650K USD
  • Therefore, 550K + USD was saved with negotiations.
  • The acquisitions were made on behalf of 4 different clients.

I’m not able to disclose the domain names and prices since all of the transaction were made with NDA.

However, I can tell you what’s up and what’s down with the market:

  • Crypto, vegetable, vegan, e-cigarettes (tobacco, cigars etc.) and weed related domains are very popular and lots of people/companies are heavily investing to these markets.
  • 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter domains are not very popular for now and the end-user prices are lower than before. It’s also related with the Chinese market. They’re always very good investment for domain investors.
  • It seems like the market hasn’t been effected by the current and other problems (Corona virus and etc.)
  • There are lots of .co, .io, .gg and .ai domain sales behind the scene, but still, .COM is the king 🙂

Also, I’m planning to attend NamesCon Europe this year (Actually, I already purchased the ticket) and want to catch up with the market. I really hope that there will be no cancellation because of the current coronavirus situation.

1 comments on “What’s Up And What’s Down?”

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