A Banana, A Golden Toilet or A Premium Domain name

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I’m sure most of you heard the sale of the duct-taped banana for 120,000.00 USD. On the other side, some of you might not know the worth of a toilet (golden one), only 5 Million USD.

For most people, the normal number of times to visit a toilet per day is between 6 – 8 in a 24 hour period. Let’s take that as 7 and consider you’re going to live 80 years. If you buy this golden toilet and use it for 80 years, a single visit will cost you roughly 25 USD. 175 USD a day, 5,250 USD a month and 63,000 USD a year. True story!

“The price is way too high.”, “You should stop smoking!”, “Let us know when you come down to reality”, etc. Sounds familiar right? These are some of the responses I receive and/or hear a few times a day after I quote the asking price.

The question is simple: Is the price really high for the premium domain name you’d like acquire?

Before I answer, I’d like to state some domain sales which were made in 2019:

Chilly.com 15,565 USD

Informative.com 18,900 USD

RoomRent.com 20,000 USD

Veggie.com 25,000 USD

Picker.com 22,800 USD

You’re going to purchase an online identity. You’ll build your brand based on this online identity. Your products and/or services, and/or content are based on this online identity. This online identity is a dictionary word or two dictionary words, easy to remember and comes with .com extension. This online identity already has some organic (type-in) traffic (even in 2019). This online identity will make you save A LOT from marketing costs. And, since the premium domains gain value every day, you will have the chance to sell this online identity for more than what you paid for it.

Well, it’s your choice. You can buy a banana, a golden toilet or rent billboards from your city/country instead of paying for your identity.

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