2022 Recap, Ups & Downs

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2022 was quite a roller coaster when it comes to domain deals. The year started good, then slowed down, another good period for a few months and the last quarter was very slow at SecretBrokerage.com. It seems like we were not alone as the latest report from Escrow.com tells us the same. If you haven’t seen yet, I strongly suggest taking a look Escrow.com’s Domain Investment Index for Q4 2022.

Here is a quick summary of what we did in 2022:

Domain Acquisition:

  • We closed 29 deals on behalf of our clients.
  • The total USD volume for those transactions is roughly $725,000.00 US.
  • The average price for a deal is roughly $25,000.00 US. If we remove the highest and the lowest deals, the average price is $20,000.00 US.
  • The lowest deal was $69 US (I must add, this is a good one. We tried to get in touch with the owners for 6-months but we had zero response. The buyer were ready to pay a few thousand dollars but in the end, the owner didn’t renew the domain name and we backordered it for $69 US).
  • The highest deal was $175,000.00 US.
  • There were 1 6-figure deal, 13 5-figure deals, 14 4-figure deals and, 1 2-figure deal.
  • Among those 29 deals, 22 of them were .COM, 3 .IO, 1 .CO.UK, 1 .ORG, 1 .CA and, 1 .BEER.
  • The total asking price for these deals were roughly $1.1M US.
  • Therefore, the discount rate among all deals we got is 35%.
  • Apart from 2, 3 and 4-letter domains, all the domains we brokered were English.

Domain Appraisal:

We appraised 149 domains in 2022. Most the the appraisals are for .COM and .CO.UK domains. Among those appraisals:

  • The highest end-user appraisal is 4,000,000.00 USD
  • The lowest end-user appraisal is 1,000 USD.
  • The highest retail price is 300,000.00 USD
  • The lowest retails price is 150 USD.

Portfolio Management:

We keep managing 3 different portfolios and over 1,000 domains for our clients.

What’s in the bag for 2023:

  • We’re optimizing our website and doing minor design changes to provide better service to our visitors and customers
  • We’ve updated our Domain Appraisal. Added Brandability and Sellable Score
  • We realized that our portfolio management service doesn’t meet our customers’ and market’s expectations so we will completely change our “Portfolio Management” approach and provide more useful services.

2023 started way better than the last quarter of 2022, business-wise. However, as most of you probably heard the devastating earthquakes in Turkey. Unfortunately, we lost over 100,000 people, including some of my close friends, their children and family. Lots of people lost their entire wealth, their houses, their businesses.

We all want to make more money, travel other countries, buy the things we want. However, we’re so close to lose everything. So, we should spend more time for ourselves and for the people around us. Show your love to your family, children, friends. Spend time with them, start doing things that you keep delaying. We never know what will happen tomorrow.

If any of you would consider making a donation, you can use NeedsMap and/or Ahbap.

Until the next post, take care of yourselves and happy domaining.