New gTLDs in The Turkish Domain Market

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The new gTLDs started hitting the domain market in the very beginning of 2014. It’s been 6 years and there are more than 32.5M domains with the new gTLDs are registered now.

There are 1,189 new strings and only around half of them have general availability. That makes the average registration number for per string is only around 55,000. Sadly, there are LOTS of strings which have a very, very low registration numbers.

The top 5 strings are .icu, .top, .xyz, .site and .online and they have more than 16M registrations. That’s almost half of the number total registrations. On the country-wise side, China, USA and Europe along with Japan and Russia are top 10 countries that have highest registration numbers. The surprising country is ranked number 10, Turkey, with over 285K registrations.

Turkey is one of the “developing” countries in the world with 80+ population and 72% of the population are internet users. However, the limitations of its own extension, .tr, lack of the domain culture and knowledge about domains, and current economic problems make the market very slow and small. That’s why I’m quite surprised to see Turkey as rank 10 based on registered domains with new gTLDs.

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When we look at top 5 extensions, rank one is .xyz and it surpasses the market in Turkey with more than 50% market share based on current numbers. Then .online, .site, .club and .istanbul. Another thing that I looked at is the registrars Turkish people use for these registrations. Surprisingly more than 85% of these registrations made by Turkish registrars. The only exception is GoDaddy, holds around 10% of these registrations.

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Turkey has a huge potential about the domain names regarding both registrations and aftermarket opportunities and the information above is only the spark of that potential. I strongly believe that potential can be revealed with continuous education and a bit of investment.